Our services at Bodman School of Practical Accountancy Training Limited, are Training and Recruitment of Accountants at any level.

Our Training Services is to promote Accounting profession by 100% practical teaching methods from the training room which equates the training room with a working office environment.

The training methods adopted by some Head of Departments while discharging their supervisory functions on subordinates, can be equated with on the job training. We have created an atmosphere such as this in our training model that equates our school to that of any offices where on the job training is required. We see ourselves providing ways to bridge the gap between the ‘Academics Theories learnt in schools and practical expectations from Accountants by Employers of labour’.

Our product from the school shall be exposed to various employers of labour for job placement opportunity under some terms that shall be agreed to by all stakeholders.


Recruitment Services: We provide a very robust recruitment advisory and actual recruitments services to our clients based on their requests and other factors. Our selection processes are thorough and discovery of best candidate for each position are made easier for employers to engage such candidate.

Some of our products from the training school are also presented to employers of labour for recruitment purposes.