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Oshunlana Olubodun & co

Statutory Audit

For the purpose of expressing our opinion on true and fair view of any Financial Statements, our firm provides Statutory Audit services to our clients. Many of our clients are mandated to comply with some rules which includes periodic filing of returns to some government agencies/regulators. Eg Federal Inland Revenue Services (FIRS), Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) etc

Financial Advisory Services

Our Financial and Advisory Services is provided to clients with challenges in making various business decisions such as Investment/adequacy of Investments, Capital Expenditures, Recruitment, Sourcing of funds for Short and Long Term projects, etc.

Accounting and Outsourcing Services

Our outsourcing services relates to deployment of relevant staff to work as ‘Residents Accountants’ on full time basis in our clients’ offices especially in the Finance and Accounts Departments. With this, our organization takes full responsibilities for all activities of the department on behalf of our clients, we further follow this up by providing a Senior Staff from our firm to supervise and review the Resident Accountants performance periodically by checking the records and getting feedbacks from the client. However, where the size of the business or the need does not require a staff on full time basis, we also provide staff to work in clients’ offices on part-time basis.

Private Audit

Private Audit is services provided to our clients on special request by clients for any given purposes, it could be a service of Forensic Audit, System Procedures Audit and review or any type of investigation needs.

Recruitment Services

Our organisation provides Recruitment Services to our clients, with this service we remove all burdens relating to job advert placement, candidate shortlisting, conducting and coordinating of interview sessions and then recommend the best candidate(s) to client for other processes. Where the need arises, our clients are allowed to handle any of these processes based on agreed terms. This service covers recruitment of all levels of Accounts’ personnel

Taxation Management Services

For the purpose of enjoying relevant Tax Planning advantages and Tax Compliances, we provide all types of Taxation Services to our clients. We are Tax Consultants to our clients in need of Tax Advisory services and Tax Compliance Services. For Tax defence services against any Tax Authority either Federal or State, we act as Tax Representatives and defend such exposures professionally.

Training Services

For all kinds of training required for Accounts Personnel at any levels, our organisation provides on-the job training. It can be an In-House Training and Out-of office training for the participants. Our trainings focuses on Microsoft Offices, Accounting Software, Accounting for Non-Accountants and other relevant areas of training that shall contribute to growth of our clients’ operations.

Succession Plan Services

With our Succession Plan Services, we contact entrepreneurs whose businesses are likely to be threatened with future continuity as a result of identifying who succeeds her in the event of inability to manage the business daily as usual. Such inabilities could be caused by physical health challenges, old age, death of key business management staff etc. Our firm shall partner with any interested entrepreneurs for the purpose of ensuring that the business lives longer than the entrepreneurs.